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Welcome to the Tactical FLEX, Inc. Library!

Tactical FLEX, Inc. is committed to providing its customers and community up-to-date and viable information, so that they may make informed decisions to secure their networks and valuable data.

Below you’ll find a wealth of industry-focused articles discussing current security studies and their findings, features and definitions, trends, threats, and tools.

This library is regularly augmented and updated.

  • Note: Though articles are only listed once and under one category, their content is often relevant to and necessary for many industries and branches of technology and security.

Industry Focus

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical


Energy and Utilities


Financial and Business Services

Government and Military




Small Business


Aanval, IDS, and SIEM

Big Data

Network Operations Center and Managed Service Provider

Situational Awareness

Snort, Suricata, and IDS

Threats and Security