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Aanval has over 6,000 users, followers, and admirers worldwide. Many Aanval features are the result of those 6,000+ people providing detailed requests to our support and development team. Tactical FLEX, Inc. is nimble enough to quickly implement those features that enhance the console's security and experience. Tactical FLEX, Inc. further provides detailed documents, guides, and definitions that are constantly monitored and updated on its wiki.

Below are configuration and install guides for Snort, Suricata, Aanval, and more, provided by Tactical FLEX, Inc. and that massive crowd of users and fellow enthusiasts. We welcome new sources of data and updates to those listed, and thank those users and enthusiasts for their efforts to catalyze a growing Aanval Community.

Aanval Community Edition


Snort Suricata
Snort 2.9.5.X on CentOS, by Bill Parker Suricata Basic Setup, by the OISF
Snort 2.9.4.X on CentOS, by Bill Parker Suricata on CentOS 5.6, by the OISF
Snort 2.9.4 on Debian 6.0.6, by Jason Weir Suricata on Debian, by the OISF
Snort on Fedora Core 17, by Bill Parker Suricata on Fedora Core, by the OISF
Snort on FreeBSD 8.2, by Bill Parker Suricata on FreeBSD 8, by the OISF
Snort, Barnyard2, and Aanval Detailed Installation Guide for OS X, by Tactical FLEX, Inc. Suricata on OS X, by the OISF
Snort 2.9.3 and Snort Report 1.3.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, by David Gullett Suricata on Ubuntu, by the OISF
Snort on Ubuntu 12.04, with Barnyard2, Pulledpork, and Aanval, by Dino Edwards Suricata on Ubuntu - Personal Package Archives (PPA), by the OISF

Configuration (Systems and Signatures)

Aanval Snort Suricata
How to successfully get Aanval to work with SELinux on Red Hat-based Linux variants (CentOS, Red Hat, etc.), by Tony Robinson Snort Rule Writing for the IT Professional: Part 1, by the InfoSec Institute Adding Your Own Suricata Rules, by the OISF
Snort Rule Writing for the IT Professional: Part 2, by the InfoSec Institute How to Read, Adjust, and Create Suricata Signatures, by the OISF

Community Support from Tactical FLEX, Inc.

We support over 6,000 customers in more than 100 countries by delivering real-time, continuous network monitoring and by providing a wide range of product manuals, information security articles, and up-to-date how-to guides. Built with a unique Situational Awareness engine, users rely on Aanval because it provides a proactive tool to combat cyber threats and safeguard their virtual and physical assets.

Aanval continues to support both the information security and open source Snort and Suricata communities by providing users with a free non-commercial version of Aanval® that allows full functionality of a single-sensor device. Aanval is designed to work with all versions of Snort and Suricata, and can process syslog data from any device capable of external logging (file or UDP 514).

Aanval is available for download as a free Community edition, in addition to an unlimited sensor-capacity, commercially purchased and supported Snort, Suricata, and syslog license. Downloading and installing Aanval is free and takes only minutes to accomplish. Designed to work with all current Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X flavors of operating systems, you can be up, running, and viewing events within minutes. Let Aanval turn your data into actionable and comprehensive insights to reduce security risks. Free download here: Aanval Community Edition

Aanval® is the industry's most comprehensive Snort and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market. Learn more at http://www.aanval.com.